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With CX, The Truth Hurts So Good

It’s a fact: your customers are telling you bad things about your brand, your company, and your products every single day.  You need to hear it straight… no chaser. You may not like what you hear.  Someone could essentially tell you that your baby is ugly.  It stings, and a normal human reaction is to start justifying or rationalizing what customers are saying as one-offs or anomalies.  Odds are they’re not. We’ve all seen the studies that suggest that for every customer who bothers to contact a company with a problem, there are 30 others who are having the same issue. That’s a lot of churn risk!

The din from the thousands (or millions) of interactions can become numbing, and that’s a very dangerous thing.  When you stop listening, it resonates with your customer base and their perception may be that you just don’t give a damn.

But here’s the thing… all those customers who are calling, chatting, emailing, and commenting about their issues?  They’re telling you the truth about their experiences with your company, and that’s a good thing. Improving CX is all about identifying friction points in the customer journey and taking action to fix them.

One of the problems that we see with some companies is “selective listening.” Topbox recently published a blog on this topic, discussing the perils of relying on NPS surveys.  To reiterate, many good survey scores originate from a contact center conversation that had to do with a broken customer experience. A good score, along with a kind comment about an agent, is often enough to satisfy an executive’s curiosity about CX.  However, a closer look (or listen) into the actual interaction often surface a true customer experience friction point.

Let’s say that the customer who contacted the company and took the survey had an issue with a defective product.  The agent provided a full refund which delighted the customer and resulted in a good survey.  Unfortunately, the actual friction point, the defective product, never bubbles up as a CX issue. There’s no telling how many other customers are having similar product issues because the organization is too busy high fiving about a positive survey.  Remember that 30:1 ratio? The number could be in the thousands.

The “truth” in that scenario is the defective product, and that’s where the focus needs to be for root cause identification and resolution.

A true omnichannel CX analytics platform like Topbox allows you to hear the truth from your customers. Yes, sometimes the truth hurts, but you CAN handle it. The alternative is to stick your head in the sand, and that can have an outcome that’s far worse.