How to Build a CX Program and Transform your Business

Volume 2: Executing a Successful CX Program

Volume 2: How to Build CX Program


Okay, so you’ve put together the beginnings of a rock-solid CX program. You have a process in place, your people are onboard and you’ve implemented a conversational analytics solution that’s sure to uncover critical customer insights (if not, download volume 1 of this series for more information on building a foundation for a CX program).

The next hurdle to overcome: how do you analyze, execute, report and track those key insights to affect customer-centric change? What should you look for when analyzing mountains of customer data? How do you ensure critical customer insights turn into action? How should you measure and track the success of those actions?

In the second volume of this whitepaper, we are sharing answers to these burning CX questions and giving you step-by-step guidance on how to analyze, report and measure critical CX insights for a results-driven CX program that increases your company’s bottom line.

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