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When the Front Line Knows More Than the C-Suite

I love what I do, mainly because of how much I get to learn. Working with companies across every vertical gives me the opportunity to see how each unique business builds and implements CX strategies.

Along the way, I have noticed that the best companies align their CX initiatives across the entire company regardless of position. CX strategies that are not shared across the entire company are destined to fail – an experience that is not consistent will end up being a poor or broken one.

Large companies who have numerous degrees of separation between the C-Suite and front line can find this challenging to prevent. But the remedy isn’t all that complicated – there simply needs to be more of an understanding of what the front line (those that deal with customers directly day-in and day-out) is hearing, seeing, and feeling.

Now, I’m not saying the C-Suite needs to spend more time on the sales floor, in the waiting room, or call center. The issues occur when day-to-day customer interactions are ignored by managers and directors. Those that oversee the front line must understand what the customer experience is in order to better communicate it upstream to executives. These managers, directors, and sometimes even VP’s have the most difficult position because they sit between the ground floor of customer interactions and the CX strategies that are pushed to them from executive teams. This means it is up to them to connect the customer with the new experience and make sure it is successful; however, if they aren’t passing the information they are learning from the front line to executives than the CX strategies they formulate will be disconnected from what customers actually want.

I have seen too many companies implement CX strategies aligned with customer priorities because the front line has been ignored. I am always comparing the experiences I have with a company, whether it is with ground floor representatives, marketing campaigns, or the actual products. When there is a disconnect, it is usually obvious how it occurred and how it can be avoided.

With a solution like Topbox, an entire company can ensure they are hearing the voice of the customer regardless of the channel. Because Topbox is data agnostic, the CX platform can analyze voice, chat, email, social, as well as surveys. With a solution this flexible, there is no reason to not understand what the customer is saying. If everyone knows what the voice of the customer is, the less likely a disjointed or broken experience will occur.

The best advice I can give to businesses is to listen to what your customers are saying (not just your spouse or friends). You stand to learn more from listening than almost anything else. Plus, you’ll find it much easier to implement that next CX initiative because it will align with what your customer is saying.