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Unitus CCU leverages everyday member
interactions to manage member experience

In May of 2019 Unitus Community Credit Union, a $1.3 billion asset credit union headquartered in Portland, OR, was getting ready to launch an all-new online banking platform to its members. Knowing that digital conversions are always disruptive events, they wanted a way to get member feedback as quickly as possible, and without relying on a barrage of surveys.

They turned to Topbox Enterprise CX Analytics to aggregate and analyze the everyday member interactions taking place across their call centers, via secure messaging on their website, and in reviews of their mobile banking app.

By tapping into this candid, organic feedback, the team at Unitus was able to anticipate friction points in the new digital experience and proactively address them, rather than waiting to react to negative NPS scores.

More recently, in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic as member needs and concerns were changing on a day-to-day basis, Unitus relied on Topbox analytics to understand what was driving inbound calls to their contact centers. This allowed them to quickly deliver more convenient self-help options to members, and free up contact center resources for more complex member issues.

As member-owned, not-for-profit financial institutions, all community credit unions put their members first. But with their investment in a dedicated Member Experience team and technologies like Topbox that help them get closer to members, Unitus leads the way.

Topbox is proud to help the member experience team at Unitus continuously improve their products and services, and respond with confidence to rapidly-changing member expectations in difficult times.

In this video Blaine Bartholomew, AVP of Member Experience at Unitus, explains how they use Topbox to resolve friction points, improve services, and exceed member expectations, all without causing survey fatigue for their members.

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