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Sweet Dreams, C-Suite

As the CEO of a tech startup, I’m no stranger to restless nights. Thoughts about growth, product changes, personnel, financials, and data security are all frequent visitors in the wee hours. However, there is no single thought that keeps me up at night more than customers. What do they think of our company? How much are they using our product? Do they get value from it? Will they renew? Would they recommend it? The number of customers we have to worry about pales in comparison to B2C companies with millions of customers. I can’t imagine how those C Suite executives get a wink of sleep.It’s terrifying to think how quickly customer perceptions of product issues, business support disruptions, and PR headaches can destroy the value of a brand.  We’ve all seen it, and it’s typically a problem that started small and was either not identified quickly enough, or dismissed by someone as minimally impactful.  Executives are left scratching their heads and asking themselves “how did we NOT see that coming?” These execs often rely on surveys and social media as their principal means of customer feedback, but there are inherent limitations in that line of thinking.Using an analogy from my days as a naval officer, what these execs need is a multi-layered defense system – one that can see inbound missiles far over the horizon, providing time for targeting and destruction.  While radar and satellite technology supply the blanket of security for the military, business executives have an opportunity to create a similar “early warning” system.Companies have spent millions providing – and monitoring – more communication channels for their customers.  While surveys and social media are two of those channels most companies find that their customers call, chat, email and SMS with far more frequency, and with significantly greater detail and context.  Moreover, customer preference and reason for contact will determine the channel of choice, so assuming that every issue will bubble to the surface in one or two specific channels is a critical mistake.  Every channel matters, and therefore each must be monitored consistently.Topbox is this early warning system for businesses.  We ingest customer interactions from any channel: phone, chat, email, SMS, in-app, surveys, product reviews, social media – all of it.  We then normalize the data, apply our classification model, and provide a comprehensive suite of interactive tools for analysis.  Catching customer experience issues early and with enough context allows our clients to react in a measured, thoughtful manner rather than panicking.The peace of mind that comes with Topbox may let those executives get a few more minutes of sleep!