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Surveys ≠ CX: Get the Context You Crave with Cross-Channel Analysis

According to the Harvard Business Review, 58% of enterprises are seeing a significant increase in customer retention and loyalty as a result of using customer analytics. But trying to quantify and navigate something as complex as a customer’s relationship with your business is difficult – in large part because there is now a multitude of communication channels available to consumers.

Omni-channel CX analytics is imperative if you expect to gain any kind of actionable insight from your voice of the customer programs. From the customer’s perspective, a single interaction may span more than one channel. This is clear in the example of a customer who calls your contact center and has a negative experience which results in them leaving a negative score on the NPS survey.

At an aggregate level, you might be seeing a spike in negative NPS surveys associated with a particular agent or with contacts where a particular product or promotion is discussed.

To understand the situation you need to connect those negative surveys to the calls and all the rich details in the call recordings. Easier said than done, right? Multiple contact centers, multiple outsourcers, multiple recording platforms, multiple IT teams, etc., create one problem after another in this seemingly simple exercise. It can take days to find a recording, and sometimes it can’t even be found.

Now, imagine you had the ability to find and listen to that call in a matter of seconds! What if you could review your universe of surveys, drill down on a particular theme or trend using text analytics, read a few of those survey verbatims, and then pivot to hear the associated call recordings or read the chats with one or two clicks? Or, reverse the sequence and start with calls or chats, and work your way to the associated surveys with a click or two.

Surveys are a great way to quantitatively assess your customers’ sentiment about your products and services. However, they have limitations. There usually isn’t enough detail in the verbatim comments to conduct root cause analysis.

The good news is that you already have those details – the call recordings and chat transcripts are sitting on your contact center servers, loaded with actionable information. Being able to take a high-level issue identified from a set of surveys and pivot to high context channels like phone and chat to get the complete picture is essential to your customer experience program.

A true omnichannel CX analytics platform like Topbox aggregates customer interactions across ALL channels – including surveys, reviews, phone and chat – applying a common classification model that makes cross-channel analysis a snap. Moreover, Topbox provides insightful analytic tools for each channel so that you can look for trends and themes in one channel, and then expand your analysis across channels. At any point in your analysis, you can open the original interaction to hear, or read, the actual conversation or verbatim… all in a matter of seconds.