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Enable every business unit to execute on your CX strategy


Measure CX and drive improvement across your organization

Each department has the responsibility to ensure that their contribution to CX is a positive one. Topbox's enterprise CX analytics platform, with our integrated Brand Experience Score, helps companies gain clarity and generate insights across every step of the customer journey - marketing, sales, product, digital, logistics, contact center, and more.

Providing each group with information about opportunities and friction points enables them to react quickly to rectify issues or take advantage of those opportunities.


Marketing Insights

Get to know your customers in their own words

While marketers have relied on social media and surveys as their primary source for understanding how customers feel about their brand and products, they are now being exposed to the treasure trove of information that is stored on the company's contact center servers.

These interactions hold significantly more value in the form of quantity and context.  The rich detail of these interactions can unlock critical insights for marketers.  Topbox's omnichannel platform provides the ability to aggregate and normalize the disparate data sets and applies a consistent classification model for intuitive, comprehensive analysis.

Product Insights

See which products are hot and which are not… and why

The biggest contributor to customer experience is a company's products and services.  Product issues are prevalent in every vertical - physical defects, service interruptions, fit and sizing concerns, and tech issues that detract from a great customer experience.

It's critical that companies identify these issues quickly so they can address the impacted customers, make decisions about existing inventory, and provide data to product management for engineering and manufacturing modifications.  Topbox's platform provides the detailed insights necessary for fast root cause analysis of product issues.


Business Support Insights

Customer-facing processes have a huge impact on CX

Website, apps, shipping, logistics and billing are just some of the ways that customers interact with a brand outside of its products.  It's important for companies to create a consistent experience for customers across all of these areas.

The digital experience, returns and exchanges, and billing are often sources of frustration for customers and lost revenue for a company.  Topbox helps organizations detect business support issues early and accurately.

Contact Center Insights

Efficient, knowledgeable agents can change customer perception

While many CX issues originate upstream in a business, contact center agents still have the ability to have a positive impact on CX by showing empathy, troubleshooting, resolving issues, and perhaps even cross selling products-all in an efficient manner.

Topbox can help identify the contact types and issues that have a negative impact on performance from the enterprise level down to a single agent.  Further, Topbox sentiment applied to every interaction is an excellent proxy for NPS and CSAT survey scores, and gives contact center management a clear path to improvement.


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