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All you have to do is listen

Everywhere your customers talk to or about your company, Topbox is listening with AI-backed natural language processing. We aggregate all that data into a curated view powering a transformative, customer-centric approach to product management, marketing, and business processes.


Our History

Founded on actionable insights

Our founders spent years running large contact centers for data-savvy global companies, but despite the fact that they deployed “industry standard” speech analysis tools, they could never seem to answer the simplest questions like “what are the main call drivers?” or “why is call volume increasing?” They saw an opportunity to create software that actually provides answers.

When we brought Topbox to market we quickly realized there are customer experience and marketing leaders who rely primarily on surveys and/or behavioral data to understand the customer experience. For them, the deep, contextual insights you can only get from conversations are a game-changer.

We turned our focus to the aggregation and normalization of data, so the proprietary Topbox classification model could be applied to customer conversations from any communication channel, and we’ve never looked back.

We believe Topbox provides the most comprehensive and accurate understanding of the customer experience simply by empowering businesses to listen to their customers, when and where they talk organically about their own experience.


Chris Tranquill
Chief Executive Officer

An experienced executive, Chris has been responsible for organizations with P&L of $1 billion+ and 50,000 employees. Prior to TopBox, he was Group President at a leading BPO provider where he led the customer care division to "industry leader" status from Gartner and Everest. Chris is a graduate of the US Naval Academy.

Jeff Yentis

Jeff spent nearly 14 years in the call center industry, including 10 years managing nearly 5,000 staff in a dozen countries. Prior to moving into operations, Jeff spent 15 years in public and corporate accounting/finance roles as a CPA. He is a graduate of Syracuse University, a photographer and mountain biker.

Brian Timmons
Chief Revenue Officer

Brian has deep experience in the customer experience space and has helped pioneer conversation analytics with Topbox where they have transformed the industry.  Gone are the days where surveys are synonymous with Voice of the Customer, it’s an omni-channel customer driven world and Brian, along with the Topbox team, are at the forefront of this movement.  Brian resides in Denver, CO.

Ryan Studer
Chief Product Officer

Ryan has a passion for simplifying the complexities of contact center software with 15 years experience integrating data driven application and workflow solutions, most recently serving as VP Solutions Design for a leading customer care organization. Ryan lives in Kansas City and a graduate of University of Central Missouri.



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