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Customers don’t wait for you to ask about their experience.

Introducing Enterprise Conversation Analytics 

For years, assessing and improving customer experience has relied on soliciting customer feedback using surveys. But the millions of customer conversations happening organically across communication channels represent a superior data set for this purpose. Topbox curates and contextualizes all those conversations to give you the customer insights you’re looking for.

How do Customers Feel?

Why do they feel that way?

Which customers feel that way?

What is the impact to your business?

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How it works

Topbox sits on top of all your customer communication platforms to provide a single view of all customer conversations and comments, normalizing and classifying the data for comprehensive CX analysis.


... all sources of customer contact and feedback.


... each customer interaction with a taxonomy unique to your business.


... data down to the individual interaction in one application.


... access to data and insights across the organization.

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