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A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a CX Program

Building a CX Program Foundation Executive Ownership

CX programs are disruptive. A successful CX program will uncover insights that align with current business objectives and some insights that don’t at all. Your customers don’t always tell you what you want to hear and that can be difficult for some business functions to handle. When this is the case, some business functions will try to discredit insights all together if they don’t align with their goals.

So, what do you do when you run into that stone wall? How do you move forward when a business function refuses to adopt the voice of the customer? Call in back-up from an executive who understands the value of the voice of the customer and why it needs to be top-of-mind for every function.

When creating a disruptive program like CX, an executive owner is needed to overcome business hurdles along the way. Ideally, this executive owner will support the program and promote it to the broader business functions. In order to scale and become more widely adopted, it is also helpful to have executive support when the program begins.

The best candidates for initial ownership are typically marketing, analytics or operations executives. Along with understanding the value a CX program can offer, they should also understand the businesses current data landscape and help provide access to these data sets. Once the CX team has access to all the available customer data, the CX team will be able to aggregate all necessary interactions.

Executive sponsors will help dramatically in regards to CX program adoption and eventual scaling. Executive sponsors can provide the funding to secure the initial success, promote the program to ensure other business functions work closer to the program and remove roadblocks that may otherwise take weeks to get over. Although an executive sponsor is not necessary, it can make your life exponentially easier while you build, launch, and execute your CX program.

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