Build a CX Program to transform your business

Each chapter below contains advice and instructions for building a CX program at your organization and making it successful, from the person who built the Consumer Insights program at Nike.

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Building a CX Program Foundation


What is 'CX' anyway?

Customer Experience (CX) is a business term that has been used for decades, and until recently, measuring and managing it was not truly possible. We can now build and operationalize a true CX program.


Program Structure

A CX program can start small with one person working in their spare time to better understand customers, or with an entire team having a function dedicated to it.


Executive Ownership

CX programs are disruptive. A good CX program will uncover insights that align with current business objectives and some that don’t at all. Your customers don’t always tell you what you want to hear.


The Right Data

Data is growing exponentially larger every year, faster than any company can manage. Focusing on “Big Data” has passed and the focus is now on “Big Insights”, how to manage it all and make it useful is key.


Working With The Business

As important as the customer is, it is not the only focus for a CX program. A CX team needs to build relationships and work with every business function that impacts the customer experience.

Executing a successful CX Program


Analyzing the Data

When looking through all the customer data, focus on two major elements, what your customers are saying, and what your business is currently focused on. They key is to find a happy medium.



Delivering insights is a crucial step for a CX program. For most programs, this will be the first time the broader company gets a chance to see all the amazing work you have accomplished.


Action & Tracking

The most crucial part of any CX program are the results. A results driven CX program is guaranteed to improve the entire customer experience while increasing the company’s bottom line.



To really make your CX program impactful you need to focus on building a culture that puts the customer first. The culturalization of a CX program will make all the work you do that much more impactful and enjoyable.


Enjoying the Ride

Don’t believe everything you read as every business is unique with unique customers. Embrace the unknown and enjoy the fact that you are in an uncharted field.

Building a CX Program Foundation

Executing a successful CX Program

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