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Join Christopher Stark and Kahlil Dumas every 3rd Thursday of the month for live Q&A sessions featuring your CX questions!

No topic is off-limits because Chris and Kahlil have seen it all, first as hands-on CX practitioners and now on the customer success team at Topbox, helping practitioners across industries establish and demonstrate business results from their CX programs. It’s free CX advice in an informal setting, hopefully with a smile or two along the way.

To join the conversation simply click this link at 11:00 PST on the 3rd Thursday of every month: https://topbox.zoom.us/j/399704363

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Date: Thursday, April 16th
Time: 11:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Duration: 20-30 minutes depending on the questions we get!
Location: https://topbox.zoom.us/j/399704363

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Christopher Stark

VP of Solutions Engineering, Topbox

Christopher Stark is the Vice President of Solutions Engineering at Topbox. Stark, who was previously a customer experience Director with Nike, leads the company’s Solutions Engineering group with a clear mandate for growth and customer experience innovation. His unique expertise building a customer experience program and implementing Topbox at one of the world’s largest retail giants is invaluable in understanding configuration and time-to-value for onboarding new clients.

Kahlil Dumas

Solutions Engineer, Topbox

Kahlil Dumas is a Solutions Engineer at Topbox. Kahlil helps train our new and current customers on how to uncover insights through Topbox and helps institutionalize Topbox by consulting our clients on how to report actionable insights to their entire organization. Before joining Topbox, Kahlil worked with Chris at Nike to report key findings and insights from Topbox to the entire Nike organization.