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A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a CX Program

Executing A Successful CX Program Culturalization

Depending on the size of your company, gaining support for your CX program initiatives can be overwhelming. To ensure your CX program is impactful, you need to focus on building a culture that puts the customer first. The culturalization of a CX program will make all the work you do that much more impactful and enjoyable.

At the start of the program, going team-to-team will likely be the only way to develop initial adoption; however, as time goes on (especially with larger companies), you’ll want to scale the program so everyone in the company eventually takes interest in CX.

There are three phases to impacting a company’s culture with CX.

  1. Phase 1: The business functions you work with believe in the data you are providing.  Sounds simple, but not every function will adopt what the customer is saying. Sometimes the truth hurts, and ignorance is bliss. You may even find business functions telling you they already have all the data and information they need. Check out the “Working with the Business” section for how to overcome this issue.
  2. Phase 2: Insights become action. Once the teams believe in the data, then you can get them to prioritize the CX insights with action. When teams start using the CX data to impact the customer experience, you know you have adoption. Remember, adoption is not culturalization.
  3. Phase 3: All business functions related to CX are managing their work with the customer at the center. This means that all current and future work is developed, prioritized, and analyzed in conjunction with CX to ensure any changes to the customer experience is impactful and beneficial. Once this occurs, you know you have reached culturalization.

Changing a company’s culture takes time, and time is not always available in a fast-paced work environment.  The culturalization of CX should be looked at as a byproduct of all the hard work and improvements your CX team will make. Think of it like the famous field of dreams quote, “if you build it, they will come.” Build the program with the goal of improving the customer experience and making the lives of others in the company easier. Everyone is on the lookout for a golden insight that will empower their team and impress executives. The CX team can be the ones providing that without anything in return.

A CX program should be selfless, but filled with dedication and passion. The more you do this work for the right reason - dedication to the customer - the more you will enjoy it.

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