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Introducing Brand Experience Score™

Business KPIs derived from everyday customer interactions

Know precisely where your customers are experiencing friction

Your customers are telling you everything you need to know to improve retention and grow revenue - and you don't even have to ask. Topbox's omnichannel conversation analytics platform aggregates and analyzes all those unsolicited conversations that happen every day to give you the customer insights needed to stop churn and sell more products.

With this in mind, Topbox has created Brand Experience Score™, a fully integrated CX/VoC assessment dashboard that evaluates each customer-impacting area of your business.

Brand Experience Score, or BXS™, leverages Topbox’s speech, text and sentiment analysis to curate, classify, and score contextually rich, unsolicited feedback.

The data is classified into key business areas and rendered as a numerical score on the BXS™ dashboard for use by senior management as executive oversight, and by operators as a starting point for deeper analysis.

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