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Best-in-Class CX Programs Go Beyond Surveys & NPS Scores

I am an omnichannel conversational data enthusiast (someone who believes it is crucial to listen to your customers on all communication channels). I find it difficult to hear most companies over-rely on surveys and NPS scores to understand the customer experience. This is one of the many voices of the customer. I am not saying surveys and NPS scores are a bad thing, but it is just the start of understanding who your customer really is.

My passion is teaching companies how to listen to their customers on all channels and how to turn insights into greater returns. I like to think of myself as an evangelist as I teach companies how to develop a holistic approach to listening to customers and recognizing missed opportunities to hear from customers that do not participate in surveys. On average, the customer response rates for surveys is around 10%-15%. This low response rate begs the question, what about the unsolicited feedback customers are leaving on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Glassdoor, Yelp, Google Reviews, Apple Reviews, Text Messages, Emails, Phone? Companies often curate surveys to post on a few of these channels but still leave the unsolicited data behind to sit in silence. Why should you care about hearing everything the customer has to say? Here’s why.


Karen goes to Good’s Coffee. Karen is a loyal customer who comes to Good’s Coffee every day. She’s always in a rush to get her coffee and get to work. Karen orders an espresso with a muffin. Not only did Good’s Coffee delay Karen’s order 20 minutes, but they also gave her the wrong order. What do you think Karen does to voice her frustration?

A) Fills out the Good’s Coffee email survey or social media survey.

B) Posts on any one of her social media accounts and tags Good’s Coffee.

C) Calls Good’s Coffee customer support.

D) Sends an email to Good’s Coffee customer support.

…she can do all 4 and much more.

If Good’s Coffee is able to hear Karen on all platforms, they can easily identify this friction point of baristas getting orders wrong. There could potentially be an issue with POS systems or lack of training causing baristas not to pay close attention to orders. The point of this example is simple: it is up to your company to aggregate and normalize all solicited and unsolicited data. This gives your company a full picture of what your customers are saying about your products and services so you can make impactful CX improvements that actually matter to your customers. I understand this is easier said than done. Making impactful CX improvements based on your company’s data can be a big undertaking and one that companies have not had the ability to fulfill. I know how daunting this first step, gathering the data, can be without the proper system and tools in place.

Achieving an omnichannel view of all customer feedback is only as good as a company’s Customer Experience Analytics solution (CX solutions). CX solutions for most companies range from an organization’s key performance indicators to NPS scores. At Topbox, we push the boundaries on how we help organizations like Aetna and Western Union listen to customers. Using AI and machine learning, we help companies gather, aggregate, and normalize conversational data from any platform customers use to voice their opinions of products and services. We believe it is important to listen to your customers on an omnichannel level. This includes solicited (surveys/NPS scores) conversational data and unsolicited (social media platforms, reviews, email, phone, chat) conversational data. As interested as I am in companies that embrace new CX solutions like Topbox, I find companies that do not embrace them even more interesting.

Whether you already love CX solutions or feel energized to learn how to make consumer data manageable, Topbox would love to partner with you. We can help your company capture all solicited and unsolicited data, consult you on how to build workflow and reporting systems, but most importantly help you to better serve your customer and generate revenue in the process. Request a Topbox demo with a real live person.