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CMOs, Meet Your Contact Center

There’s been a lot written recently regarding marketing leaders’ role in Customer Experience.  Whether it’s the migration of the CMO title to a Chief Experience Officer or Chief Customer Officer, or a less formal move like CMOs taking responsibility for CX-related initiatives, there are clear signals that a shift is beginning to take place.  Marketing…

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Customer Experience as a Grass Roots Movement

Last week, Topbox had the honor of sponsoring, attending and participating in the TaskUs CX summit in San Francisco.  TaskUs leaders Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir hosted an outstanding event for their amazing clients and other thought leaders in the CX space. It’s so refreshing to see companies like TaskUs emphasizing the need for focus…

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The Rise of the Chief Experience Officer

As more customers start to take control of when and how they engage with a brand, the need to provide a great experience across all channels has become the price of doing business. Brands are actively working to differentiate themselves on customer experience because they know that retaining customers is more fiscally responsible than spending…

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Why your company must speak the same data language

Big Data is allowing us to crunch billions of data points in one analytics platform. We are able to draw reports that banish inefficiencies by thousands… sometimes millions of dollars. This, because big data lets us optimize the supply chain pipeline and drill down to essential trends in customer insights. Yet if our organization itself…

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Best Business Intelligence Tools Of 2018

The results are in!  According a 2017 survey, SelectHub determined that the #1 BI need for businesses is an “all-in-one solution that takes their data from simple data points to visualizations and reports that help inform the decision-making process.”  For our break down of top business intelligence solutions, we have focused on the top 7 BI tools…

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