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Analyzing Non-English Interactions

It has been estimated that less than 5% of the world’s population speaks English as a first language. Even in the United States, over 20% of the residents speak a language other than English when at home. At the same time, businesses are realizing that, in a world where consumers have more choices than ever, the customer experience is the single greatest differentiator. According to Forrester, 72% of businesses name improving customer experience as their top priority. But are non-English interactions with your customers left out in the cold?

OK, maybe you’ve jumped the first hurdle and hired multi-lingual agents to handle those interactions. You might even have a small group of multi-lingual QA specialists to review a handful of those calls and chats, but their efforts will be focused on contact center performance. According to Gartner analyst Augie Ray, “a company’s CX focus can be narrowed to activities like enhancing customer care processes, front-line employee performance, customer care hiring, and call center training. While these are all good and necessary efforts, this sort of myopia misses the point of what CX really is and what it can do for your company.”

Whether the focus is serving non-English speakers in the United States or across multiple geographies, understanding the issues and needs of these segments is an absolute necessity for a customer experience program. One size doesn’t fit all! Marketing departments, product management teams and contact centers can all benefit from insights derived from non-English customer interactions. So how do you know what’s really being discussed on all those Non-English interactions? More importantly, how can you mine those interactions for actionable insights?

Topbox has woven accurate, automated translation technology into the fabric of a highly-sophisticated Customer Experience Analytics platform. Multi-lingual calls, chats, emails, surveys, reviews, social media, and more can all be translated into English and analyzed for CX insights alongside the rest of your customer interaction data. It’s part of Topbox’s proprietary data normalization process that aggregates structured and unstructured data from every channel, and applies a classification model unique to your business.

Whether the interaction happened in the call center or on social media, in English or Mandarin, customers from all walks of life are giving you actionable feedback. It’s more important than ever that you listen to understand their experiences with your company. Now you can… with Topbox.