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Customer Touchpoint Intelligence

Topbox’s Touchpoint Intelligence solution enables omnichannel discovery and analysis to quickly identify and resolve customer friction points for improved marketing, sales, and cost-to-serve.

Customers are providing a mountain of feedback about your products and services through voice, chats, texts, social media, NPS surveys, post-sale surveys, product reviews, app feedback, web feedback, and more. Are you listening?

Because we, at Orvis, pride ourselves on an amazing customer experience, we needed a solution that would help us identify areas of customer pain, at any touch point, along their journey. With Topbox, we’re able to detect issues, at the root cause -- from the purchase experience, in all channels, to fulfillment, delivery, service, and product issues.  Implementation and configuration was fast and easy. I’m a big fan of Topbox!

Lisa Lavin - Orvis

Director, Customer Experience

The Topbox Solution

Aggregate all sources of customer contact and feedback

Synthesize the data using common taxonomy and attributes

Discover friction points by using Topbox’s world-class analytic UI

Democratize analysis by serving findings to those who can take action

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We have been using Topbox for nearly a year. In that time, we have gained a much deeper understanding of First Call Resolution and Customer Satisfaction, which is leading to significant improvements in our customer experience. Because the software is so intuitive and there are no user limitations, we’ve been able push usage out to our entire customer service team.

Tariq Alinur - Cable & Wireless Communications

VP, Contact Center Operations

Summary Of Features


  • Omnichannel capability

  • Unlimited Users

  • Multiple languages

  • Translation to English for analysis


  • Communication platform agnostic

  • APIs and integrations with established providers

  • Standardized configuration available within 2 weeks

Comprehensive Analytics & Intelligence

  • Unlimited data sources

  • Full suite of interactive visualizations 

  • Fully integrated speech and metadata analysis

  • Industry-specific speech modules

  • Intra-interaction event tagging for analysis 

  • Single channel and roll up data views 

  • “Democratized” views for business area focus 

  • Automated call classification

Additional Features

  • Ad hoc transcript search

  • Immediate access to read or listen to interaction 

  • Critical Alerts notification via email 

  • Competitor intelligence 

  • Quality Assurance and agent performance

  • 3 to 12 month viewable data range

  • Exportable data and visualizations

I like making decisions based on facts, not feelings. With Topbox, we’re able to focus on the right calls to factually identify what’s happening with our customer interactions. We’ve seen measurable improvements in our sales conversion and retention rates with Topbox.  And, the team at Topbox are true partners – creatively solving problems, recommending best practices, and diving into our projects as if they worked here.

Rob Katz - Wave Broadband

EVP, Sales & Marketing

Why Topbox?


Many companies provide multiple communication paths for their customers – phone, chat, email, product reviews, surveys, social media, etc.  Topbox allows you to analyze all this data in one seamless solution.

Affordable Pricing

Powerful analytics shouldn’t be limited to large companies. Topbox’s subscription pricing, with minimal upfront costs, fits any budget.

Easy to Use

Tired of clunky, complicated analytics tools? Topbox’s intuitive interface and short learning curve for effective results means fast ROI.


Topbox’s SaaS model means light implementation and minimal IT involvement. That’s music to any CTO’s ears.

Focus On Root Cause

Topbox’s full suite of interaction analytics tools emphasizes root cause because 99% of customer issues start upstream of the contact center.


Topbox’s solution includes the conversion of call recordings into transcribed text. Search effortlessly for key word and phrases.

Any Language

Topbox provides analytic capability across any language including Chinese. What’s more, we provide translation services that allows you to consolidate your voice/text analytics in English.


Configurable, by your team, to fit your environment. Use your terminology, your KPIs and your hot buttons with a few strokes of the keyboard.

What can Topbox do for you?

Learn how Topbox gets to the root cause of customer friction points. Contact us to learn what Topbox can do for you.

Marketing Intelligence

Your company faces a new competitor. What are your customers saying? Do your product reviews mention competing products?

Customer Experience

Churn in one of your regions has been steadily increasing for months. Is it your products? Your service? What causes customer friction?

Cost Optimization

Your highly paid escalation team is handling too many basic calls, chats and emails. How do you fix this?

Sales Conversions

Sales are short of your quarterly goal. Is your offer working in the Midwest but not in the Southeast? Which rebuttals are working?

Agent Performance

Your AHT has spiked 17 seconds over the last 2 weeks. Chat and call abandonment are up. What's happening?

Tech Optimization

The CTO wants to update your website to reduce support customer contacts. Which issues could be solved via automation?

The Topbox App

Explore just some of the functionality of our omnichannel customer touchpoint intelligence solution.

Topbox Leadership

We believe that most companies lack the tactical tools that could enable their existing resources to efficiently solve problems. We founded Topbox with that concept in mind. Creating a product to make root cause less elusive for our clients is our raison d’etre.

Chris Tranquill

Chief Executive Officer

An experienced executive, Chris has been responsible for organizations with P&L of $1 billion+ and 50,000 employees. Prior to Topbox, he was Group President at a leading BPO provider where he led the customer care division to "industry leader" status from Gartner and Everest. Chris is a graduate of the US Naval Academy.

Jeff Yentis


Jeff spent nearly 14 years in the call center industry, including 10 years managing nearly 5,000 staff in a dozen countries. Prior to moving into operations, Jeff spent 15 years in public and corporate accounting/finance roles. He is a graduate of Syracuse University, a photographer, mountain biker and occasional ER visitor.

Brian Timmons

Chief Revenue Officer

Brian has 25 years’ experience in sales and sales management most recently serving as SVP of Sales and Client Management for a leading customer care organization. He is highly regarded as a thought-leader in the contact center space. Brian lives in Denver CO and is a graduate of Washington State University.

Ryan Studer

Chief Product Officer

Ryan has a passion for simplifying the complexities of contact center software with 15 years experience integrating data driven application and workflow solutions, most recently serving as VP Solutions Design for a leading customer care organization. Ryan lives in Kansas City and a graduate of University of Central Missouri.

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